I'm not currently doing any structured reviews at the moment.

I have been a contributor to The Steampunk Cavaliers. Recently I've had to step away from my regular columns for them, but if you have a steampunk novel (or poetry? chapbook? collection?) you'd like me to review, you can contact me, and I'll see if the project interests me enough to find room to fit in a review. I'm much more likely to be interested in a unique approach to steampunk.

I have previously reviewed fiction for The Geekiary, which is a fan site that has focused on many corners of fandom and is expanding more broadly into written works. My primary focus there was on serial fiction.

I have also reviewed short fiction for The Fix and Tangent Online, back when Eugie Foster managed those sites. I have done book reviews here and there for other sites as well.

If you're interested in having a work reviewed, contact me at danielausema [at] to query. By submitting a work for review, you acknowledge that I make no promise to review the work favorably, but will state my honest opinion about the work.

Disclaimer for rumored FTC compliance: Many of the works I review are given to me in ebook form. I receive no other compensation of any kind from the authors or publishers or anyone associated with them.