In addition to my writing, I review fiction for The Geekiary, which is a fan site that has focused on many corners of fandom and is expanding more broadly into written works. My primary focus is on serial fiction. Back when Spire City was being published by Musa, I found that many of the book reviewing blogs weren't open to serialized works. At the most, they might consider a previously serialized story once it had reached completion, but they definitely showed no interest in reviewing works as they came out.

So my goal with The Geekiary is to review serialized works while they are being released. I'm not interested in works that a writer slaps up on a blog or in a forum as they finish each section, but I'm open to a wide range of approaches and styles, from anyone with carefully crafted serial works looking for honest reviews. That could be from a major press, a small press, or a self-published venture, as well as serials published in ezines or similar venues.

I'm open to other works as well, anything that because of its format or style doesn't really fit at the usual book-reviewing blogs. So if you have some experimental work that other reviewers aren't interested in because of its approach, feel free to query. I also occasionally review short fiction, but I'm not accepting queries for those at the moment.

In today's publishing environment, I wish to be clear that I'm very open to works by and about people of all ethnic, linguistic, sexual, and religious groups. To fit with The Geekiary's target audience, works do need to fall somewhere within the speculative genres (though I define those very loosely).

If you're interested in having a work reviewed, contact me at serialfiction.daniel [at] to query. By submitting a work for review, you acknowledge that I make no promise to review the work favorably, but will state my honest opinion about the work.

Disclaimer for rumored FTC compliance: Many of the works I review are given to me in ebook form. I receive no other compensation of any kind from the authors or publishers or anyone associated with them.