Monday, March 26, 2007

All Possible Worlds

I did receive my contributor copy last week, and it looks great. I have a couple stories I haven't read yet, but I just thought I'd get my reactions up here now. The overall quality of the magazine is good, quite similar to the print version of The Sword Review (which also impressed me), but with interior illustrations as well. The illustration of Orfie, the sleep shaman, is not at all how I pictured him, but I like it anyway. And the story still makes me laugh. Of the stories I've read, "Nithad: The Lonely Valley" by John N. Baker stands out. It's the longest story in here, a story with a mythic feel, as if you feel like the parts of the story are familiar but you can't quite pin down why. I also liked "A Snowball's Chance" by Kurt Kirchmeier and "The Apocryphist" by Bruce Golden. Not to say I disliked the others (and as I said, there are a few I haven't read yet), but those are the ones that still stand out about a week later.


Jimena said...

Hey! Hello! I have just read in a previous post that you have lived in Dènia ten years ago...I lived there for seven years, and I miss it so much!
Just wanted to tell you that I have read your poem and it's great, I've been there in the Montgó again for a few minutes, ad it's been nice...
Pleased to meet you, bon día!

Daniel Ausema said...

Bon día! Thanks for stopping by! =)